Saturday, May 29, 2010


This Memorial Day weekend I planted some flowers in the planters on my front porch....impatients. I helped my grandma plant them every year in her sturdy white planters. Today when I went to Lowe's it seemed appropriate to pick out her favorites.

She lived down the street from us since I was in grade school and died when I was a junior in college. Today putting those flowers in, I thought a lot about her and all the time we spent together. Going to her house after school, watching Miss America and eating pizza, calling time and temperature, sleepovers at her house, getting candy out of the jar on her coffee table and an infinite list of other moments. She was essentially a third parent to Meg and me and it's crazy she's been gone for seven years.

A friend lost her dad to cancer this week, an unbearable thing to go through, I'm sure. I see people die every day in the hospital and their families going from having that person in their life to becoming a memory, someone to honor at times like Memorial Day. Let us all embrace those we love and spend time with them while we can.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prayers to a friend...

This weekend one of my friends in Wichita received devastating news. Her dad went into the hospital there Tuesday with sepsis and by Friday they had diagnosed him with Stage IV cancer and gave him two weeks to live. Many of you know Mandy and already have her and her family in her thoughts and prayers, and for those of you that don't, please take a few moments out of your busy lives to send love and support to her family. Mandy is a very strong person who lost her mom a few years ago. She has very enthusiastically and publicly shared her weight loss journey over the last couple years and been a support to many other people. Prayers to you Mandy as you go through this very difficult time. Lots of love to your family.

Feel the Burn!....Together!!

I have mentioned it in previous posts, but my parents' gym recently started offering a weight lifting class called "Body Pump" every Tuesday and Thursday nights. Anyway, so when I was talking about the class to my coworkers, my friend Leslie got SOOOOOO excited as she had done it in Texas before. Since this revelation that she LOVES it, she has convinced 5 other girls I work with to get memberships there for the summer so we have essentially taken over the class (at least the left side of it) and we have a blast together! We also enjoy the next day of complaining about all of our sore muscles together at work. It's great to have people to go with that enjoy the same classes. Hopefully it will pay off this summer! :)

Leslie and her dimples, plus her Texas can you say no to that face?!

The Month of Linds!

Yep, people....if you didn't realize this, May is technically "The Month of Linds", as in one of my bff's Lindsay's birth month. Her birthday was yesterday so I went to Wichita Friday to celebrate with Linds and a few other friends.
Since I see that Molly just posted about the evening, I will refer you to her blog so you can get the scoop. :) All 5 of us that got togehter have a blog, so I had had to laugh at one point during the cooking class we took when everyone had their camera out. Thanks for a fun time girls! Happy Birthday Lindsay! Enjoy the rest of your month!! :)
My fellow bloggers with their camera out and ready to capture the moments...

Adios, farewell...

One of my very favorite people at work moved to Denver this weekend. Amanda is an occupational therapist originally from Arkansas, so she comes complete with a Southern accent! She is a sweetheart and we are all very sad to see her move so far away. Amanda has lived in Lawrence and while her husband was already in Colorado this winter, she stayed in my guest bedroom when there was bad weather or if we all got together in Topeka socially, so we have become close over the last 6 months especially. I had a going away party for her Thursday night (as you can tell from the last post)....and we had a great time having a last evening with all of us together. I know we'll see her, as she is already coming back a couple times this summer, but it's always hard to see friends move. We will miss you Amanda!

It's tough to find good help.

So when I threw a going away party last week for my friend Amanda, I asked my dad to come over and assist me when some party prep on Wednesday night. Bob stepped up to the challenge and I put him to work! It would have been a much more overwhelming task without his assistance. He browned the sausage, cut fruit for sangria and dipped strawberries in chocolate. Thanks for your help Dad! :)

Bobby sporting my apron to protect his shirt...
Lots of fruit to cut!!

Trying a strawberry after he finished his chores...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Where the hell is Waldo?

Or anyone else for that matter??!?!?! This is my current situation in my living room:

Can anybody see themselves in these pictures of mine from the last TWO years that are now sorted by "event/date" on my floor?! This is not what we call "organized" or a "good time". I finally got it together and ordered from Shutterfly since I am SO behind and when you order pictures in that large of quanity....they. send. them. in. a. completely. random. order!!!!!!!!! This is not helpful in the overall process. So, if anyone needs me for the next 3 months or can find me on the couch, trying to get this mess under control! Never (well, not for awhile anyway) will I get this behind! :(

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Day to my Mom!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom! I am a lucky girl to have a supportive, involved and loving mom in my life to look to. She has been an example for me of a sacrificing and devoted mom, whether driving us to basketball practice when we were younger, teaching me how to cook or even just taking the time to go on a walk together. I'm very blessed and hope to one day be a mom and be half as fabulous as she is!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blessing of the Hands

So, I work at a Catholic hospital. I'm not Catholic but there are some things that come along with working in a faith-based organization that I really like. I work side by side with both ministers and priests everyday, which I think adds something to the environment when there are so many sick and injured people who need God on their side. I love the morning prayer every day at 8 am. There is a gong that goes off on the overhead system and one of the chaplains says a short prayer for everyone beginning their day, including patients, staff, doctors and families. Last week I made my first pot of coffee....I think ever. It was for one of the priests who wanted some and they were out. Apparently it turned out okay.

Today was an annual ritual called "Blessing of the Hands". The Catholic Priests and protestant chaplains alike went around to all the staff and said a prayer over each of our hands. It basically said, God, use these hands for healing and for helping the patients who need it, as well as acknowledging that he ultimately is the Healer. It is good to recognize that and to remember for everything that man and medicine can do, it is ultimately in His hands. I wish all of my friends in other work environments had this spirit of enrichment in the workplace. I appreciate it more and more everyday; for all the sadness and death that we see, in the end, it's God who is in charge.


Last time I went to Dillon's...I saw a new "Skinny Cow" item; individualized small low-fat ice creams. Um, delicious! At about 3 points each, some of the best calories I have had in a LONG time! There are 5 flavors (Caramel Cone, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cookies & Creme, Dulce de Leche and Strawberry Cheesecake) and I have worked through 4 (all except the Strawberry Cheesecake). No complaints....would recommend any of them. Just had to share!! :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brain Dump

I saw this idea from Julie that I worked with in Wichita...seemed like an appropriate blog format considering I had lots of random thoughts running in my head but nothing too exciting for a full post.
  • I am very excited for summer! It's so nice to actually see neighbors out and about. I look forward to some time out on the deck in the nice weather, softball (I joined 2 teams), garage sales and going to the pool. Not excited to mow the lawn.
  • Two of my best friends at the hospital have given their notices. One is moving to Colorado and the other is going to drive to Lawrence and work at a clinic there. Makes me sad.
  • I made two Pioneer Woman recipes for a dinner party tonight. I did the lasagna again and also tried her chicken spaghetti. Looks fairly fantastic.
  • I am counting the days, hours, minutes until my family's vacation in San Antonio this month. Can't wait for some quality time outside of the daily rush of life, as well as seeing my sister.
  • My coworkers and I are looking for a 10K to do this summer....since the Brew to Brew is now over, we are all wanting something else to look foward to and train for.
  • I started going to a new toning class at my parents gym last week and it is AWESOME! I couldn't sit down without wincing for several days from leg pain. We all measured our parts (chest, hips, waist, arms) and my coworker who has done the class before said she lost 8 inches in two months last time she did it.
  • I need to get my car cleaned. It grosses me out whenever I get it in. Dirt/debris from winter needs to go!
  • My cousin, aunt and uncle made a quick trip here this weekend. My cousin is going to law school at Washburn this fall and was here to find an apt. Proud of her and glad it's not me! Look forward to seeing them hopefully more often.
  • I am ready for TV "season" to be over. I can barely keep up with my DVR. I am loving Glee, Modern Family and Biggest Loser right now.