Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blessing of the Hands

So, I work at a Catholic hospital. I'm not Catholic but there are some things that come along with working in a faith-based organization that I really like. I work side by side with both ministers and priests everyday, which I think adds something to the environment when there are so many sick and injured people who need God on their side. I love the morning prayer every day at 8 am. There is a gong that goes off on the overhead system and one of the chaplains says a short prayer for everyone beginning their day, including patients, staff, doctors and families. Last week I made my first pot of coffee....I think ever. It was for one of the priests who wanted some and they were out. Apparently it turned out okay.

Today was an annual ritual called "Blessing of the Hands". The Catholic Priests and protestant chaplains alike went around to all the staff and said a prayer over each of our hands. It basically said, God, use these hands for healing and for helping the patients who need it, as well as acknowledging that he ultimately is the Healer. It is good to recognize that and to remember for everything that man and medicine can do, it is ultimately in His hands. I wish all of my friends in other work environments had this spirit of enrichment in the workplace. I appreciate it more and more everyday; for all the sadness and death that we see, in the end, it's God who is in charge.


Lacey said...

They did this when I worked in Hays. Since the office I worked in was owned by the hospital, Sister came to our office and blessed everyones hands. Even mine, and I just answered phones! Great message today Mo!

Kylie said...

Love this! THat is a nice perk.
I think I need a blessing like that in my career as well...or maybe just a magic wand of patience :)