Thursday, July 31, 2008

Works like a charm!

Tonight I went to my stylist Brittany to get my hair trimmed and the color touched up. It amazes me every time when I get my hair done, how much better it looks when she does it! Whenever I leave the salon, I feel like a groomed creature with tame hair unlike my normal crazy do'!! She is always kind to straighten it, which I rarely take the time is a pic of me with the finished product! Happy (almost) TGIF!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How is she ALWAYS right?!?!

So, I went to the eye doctor Monday for an annual check-up (although, I guess I can't consider it annual since it had been about 1 1/2 years) and he told me that I have a viral infection in my cornea. This would explain the worsening vision and slight drooping in my left eye. I left there with instructions to not wear my contacts, use prescription eye drops 3 times a day, as well as lubricating eye drops every hour. I call my mom and fill her in on what the outcome of the appointment was and she immediately said that I need to go to an opthamologist for an eye infection.

I go to the opthamologist today and what do you know? She was right! He said that I don't have a viral infection, but some other issue (essentially super dry eyes from over wearing my contacts).....he gave me new eye drops, instructed me to not take the other ones and I am due back for a check-up next week. I am glad to know what the "true" problem is, but frustrated that my mom (who I love!) is somehow most always right...since the appointment earlier, I have been trying to remember a time when she was wrong....maybe someday I will have kiddos that I can be right with all the time! For now, guess I will settle for taking some advice, however unwanted at the time!!

Will keep you posted on my eye, but since I am forced to wear my glasses until it clears up...I remember why I dislike wearing them all the time:

1.) You can't wear sunglasses (unless you have prescription glasses) and I hate driving into the sun without them.
2.) I feel like I am going to fall down the stairs because it is so blurry when I glance down out of my glasses.
3.) Rainy days- they get all splotchy!!
4.) I don't like working out in glasses.
5.) I just feel frumpy!!!

That's all for now....hopefully my next post will be a bit more upbeat!! :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

And why not?

Well, after becoming a person that routinely reads many of my friends blogs, I decided to give it a whirl for myself. I had been waiting until I had done something "really exciting" to write about, but I thought, why not start on a regular old Sunday night after a relaxing here goes! This will hopefully be a place to share what is going on in my life with friends I don't get to see as often as I would like, as well as a place I can reflect on moments in my life, no matter how mundane or thrilling!

After the last few weekends have proved to be quite hectic with traveling, having friends in town and working....this one was pretty low-key, which was great. Yesterday my friends Lindsay and Katie, along with Katie's 7-month old Caden came over to hang out in the afternoon. We enjoyed chocolate chip waffles for lunch (random!) with my newly mastered waffle maker and watching Caden be the little cutie that he is! Here is a pic of Katie's cutie and a link to a song she was telling us about that she heard that reminds of her of little's really sweet! How cannot you not love this little guy!!??

I love this song and had heard it before, but have been listening to it all weekend since Katie found it on YouTube yesterday. Definitely has a new meaning since hearing Katie talk about how much it makes her think about Caden!

Today more excitement ensued....I tried a new church out which I really liked and then met my friends Lindsay and Molly at Piztros, which is a pizza place that usually has a great Sunday brunch. As we arrived, we sadly learned that brunch is not offered during the summer. We all settled for pizza and it turned out to be really good! My White Pizza was the hit with all kinds of different cheeses. After lunch we were headed to lay out at my apartment complex's pool and realized we all happened to be wearing black dresses, so I asked the host to take our picture. Capturing moments at the most random times! Molly is pregnant and due in September and Linds is moving to Austin this fall, so things will be changing big time for both of them in the near future!!

That is officially my first attempt at a blog! Be patient with me as I learn how and what to write to bed as the dreaded world of work with be calling my name bright and early tomorrow!