Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brain Dump

I saw this idea from Julie that I worked with in Wichita...seemed like an appropriate blog format considering I had lots of random thoughts running in my head but nothing too exciting for a full post.
  • I am very excited for summer! It's so nice to actually see neighbors out and about. I look forward to some time out on the deck in the nice weather, softball (I joined 2 teams), garage sales and going to the pool. Not excited to mow the lawn.
  • Two of my best friends at the hospital have given their notices. One is moving to Colorado and the other is going to drive to Lawrence and work at a clinic there. Makes me sad.
  • I made two Pioneer Woman recipes for a dinner party tonight. I did the lasagna again and also tried her chicken spaghetti. Looks fairly fantastic.
  • I am counting the days, hours, minutes until my family's vacation in San Antonio this month. Can't wait for some quality time outside of the daily rush of life, as well as seeing my sister.
  • My coworkers and I are looking for a 10K to do this summer....since the Brew to Brew is now over, we are all wanting something else to look foward to and train for.
  • I started going to a new toning class at my parents gym last week and it is AWESOME! I couldn't sit down without wincing for several days from leg pain. We all measured our parts (chest, hips, waist, arms) and my coworker who has done the class before said she lost 8 inches in two months last time she did it.
  • I need to get my car cleaned. It grosses me out whenever I get it in. Dirt/debris from winter needs to go!
  • My cousin, aunt and uncle made a quick trip here this weekend. My cousin is going to law school at Washburn this fall and was here to find an apt. Proud of her and glad it's not me! Look forward to seeing them hopefully more often.
  • I am ready for TV "season" to be over. I can barely keep up with my DVR. I am loving Glee, Modern Family and Biggest Loser right now.

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