Thursday, August 26, 2010

Road trip to Mmm....

This week some of my good friends at work (who all happen to root for the Jayhawks) and I took a little drive over to Manhattan for dinner at So Long Saloon. This bar/restaurant was a favorite when I went to K-State and judging by the crowds Wednesday night, it's still doing pretty well. My KU friends haven't been to Manhattan very much, except Leslie who lives between Topeka and Manhattan....and Jenny's daughter is a senior on the cross country team there. Anyway, I'm so glad we made the trip and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to stop in Aggieville for good food.

Leslie and Kristen
Jenny, Sarah, and me

We had to wait for about 10 minutes for a table so we decided to order a drink....I asked for Old Style and pinnapple, since that's what we drank there in college. My sister and I LOVED this combo! The bartender sadly informed me they don't carry Old Style anymore since it has went up in price, but now mix pinnapple juice with Old Milwaukie and they call it a Nancy. We all had one and loved it! Just as good as I remember.
A couple of reasons we went there are for their fried pickles and the black bean raspberry dip. Both are really good and super popular! We split some of each and enjoyed an evening out of Topeka. I look forward to going again sometime soon. Visiting Manhattan makes me really excited for the upcoming football season!! Go Cats!! :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The day my parents bought pork chops at Sam's.....

My mom casually mentioned that my parents had went to Sam's this weekend. She said they happened to get a "good deal" on some pork chops there. Well, if you have ever been to Sam's, you understand that they sell in bulk. And lots of it. I think my parents forget they don't have 18 children. Whoops.

My cousin Jennifer recently moved here from Denver and I mentioned we were grill some pork chops at my house tonight for dinner so she should join us. I had no idea what I was promising. Jenn came over and shortly after my parents show up with the better half of a pig. Holy moly. Their idea was that we would have dinner tonight and then all have leftovers. Granted, my dad didn't grill all of them (some were saved for the freezer), but it was slightly overwhelming and I think Jennifer was like, what kind of family do I have in Kansas?!

In addition to the chops, I grilled some veggies and we had baked potatoes. Turns out, we needed a spare plate for the chops....what a mess! We discussed how in fancy restaurants, they give you a nice little side for plate for bread or salad. Apparently when you eat at my house, you get a Pork Plate since all of our pork wouldn't fit on the main plate. Geeze!

Anyway, thanks for dinner Dad (tonight and for the rest of the week!). Welcome to Kansas Jennifer and good luck starting law school tomorrow (pictured below with her first day of school picture)!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A visitor and celebration

Last weekend my friend Amanda drove to Topeka from Colorado for a wedding celebration of my friend Megan. Amanda worked with us until May when she moved to Colorado. It was good to spend time catching up and the wedding was beautiul, as well as Megan. Here are a couple pictures:

The beautiful cake....

Most of the gang from work....

Me with the beautiful bride....

Our little Coloradan with the Martins. Congrats Megan and Anthony!