Saturday, May 29, 2010


This Memorial Day weekend I planted some flowers in the planters on my front porch....impatients. I helped my grandma plant them every year in her sturdy white planters. Today when I went to Lowe's it seemed appropriate to pick out her favorites.

She lived down the street from us since I was in grade school and died when I was a junior in college. Today putting those flowers in, I thought a lot about her and all the time we spent together. Going to her house after school, watching Miss America and eating pizza, calling time and temperature, sleepovers at her house, getting candy out of the jar on her coffee table and an infinite list of other moments. She was essentially a third parent to Meg and me and it's crazy she's been gone for seven years.

A friend lost her dad to cancer this week, an unbearable thing to go through, I'm sure. I see people die every day in the hospital and their families going from having that person in their life to becoming a memory, someone to honor at times like Memorial Day. Let us all embrace those we love and spend time with them while we can.

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Kylie said...

Pretty flowers, Shell. Pretty thoughts. I can't believe it's been seven years since she passed away! God bless memories. Love ya!