Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brew to Brew...

Last weekend I took part in the "Brew to Brew" run with some friends from work....this was my first race....since track in high it's been awhile! This run is a relay from The Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City to Freestate Brewery in Lawrence and is approximately 44 miles. I ended up running the first leg of it, which was marked as 4.3 miles and it was tough! The whole day we cheered on our teammates and drove along the race trail dropping off a runner and picking up the one who just finished. It was perfect weather for this all-day outdoor excitement and since my work was done by 9:30 I got to relax and enjoy some snacks and cheer on my friends! We are hoping to do it again next year....definitely worth it!
Did I mention they gave us free beer at the Boulevard before we ran?! Yum! Nothing like beer at 8:00 in the morning!!

We survived! Here is us in Lawrence. Happy to still be friends after 7 hours in a car together!! :)

This holiday is brought to you The Pioneer Woman.....and Jesus.

For Easter my sister came up from Dallas and we had a low-key weekend of shopping, going out to dinner and then Sunday I hosted a non-traditional Easter lunch before Meg flew back to Texas.

When we were trying to decide what to have to Easter, we decided to pick something out of "The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook" that my fantastic friends Lindsay and Kylie gave me for my birthday. I so LOVE this cookbook! I love to look at it, read it, imagine that I have time and calories to cook something from it every day. It is marvelous....and my family is equally enthusiastic about it, even my dad.
So, since we're not big ham lovers, I finally decided on the non-traditional lasagna.....and it was GOOD!!! It involves making your own sauce, adding fresh spices and cooking sausage and hamburger. Yum! I also made the French Pastry Puffs in the book for breakfast Saturday morning. Very sweet and delicious (sorry, no pictures of those little guys). Here are a couple pictures of the lasagna and my favorite people on Easter. Oh, and I had given up Diet Coke for Lent, so of course it was a part of the Easter celebration! :)

A Night with Taylor....

A couple weeks ago my mom and I had the awesome opportunity to go see the Taylor Swift concert in Wichita! Her friend won tickets from the local radio station and we rode an Arrowhead bus down and back and got to see an excellent performance. Kellie Pickler opened for her and on a bonus we got bumped up to the media section and had amazing seats! It was more than a concert; with 9 costume changes and a ton of set changes, there was always something going on. Here are a couple pictures from a great evening: