Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adios, farewell...

One of my very favorite people at work moved to Denver this weekend. Amanda is an occupational therapist originally from Arkansas, so she comes complete with a Southern accent! She is a sweetheart and we are all very sad to see her move so far away. Amanda has lived in Lawrence and while her husband was already in Colorado this winter, she stayed in my guest bedroom when there was bad weather or if we all got together in Topeka socially, so we have become close over the last 6 months especially. I had a going away party for her Thursday night (as you can tell from the last post)....and we had a great time having a last evening with all of us together. I know we'll see her, as she is already coming back a couple times this summer, but it's always hard to see friends move. We will miss you Amanda!

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