Monday, February 13, 2012

My view....

This is my latest "thing" I've been doing. And by latest, I mean, since yesterday.

It started because when my family came over for dinner last night, I really wanted to play Whitney Houston music while we ate (yes, I'm serious). I happen to have "The Bodyguard" CD so I decided to upload it to my computer. (Sidenote: I not only happen to have it, but it was the first CD I ever owned.) Can you believe Whitney is gone? Linds commented that it seems unreal, much like Michael Jackson. Couldn't agree more. Yes, they both had some issues, but, such talent! Mom recalled at dinner last night that I spent my birthday slumber party in 5th grade belting out, "I Will Always Love you", a treat, I'm sure.

Anyway.......while I was looking for that CD, I found a whole bunch of other CDs that I felt like would be good to get on my computer and possibly Ipod. I (like many of you) discovered burning music my freshman year of college....the dates on the CDs are from like a month into my freshman year. Hmm, perhaps I should have been studying?? So, now I am going through these CDs and uploading them.

Was I going to go the gym after work today? Yes. Did I? No. But this is the view from my front door:

What is that white stuff?! It's been so long since it has snowed (not complaining!!) that I forgot what it was like. Tough to complain though...we have been so spoiled with great weather this year. Let's hope it doesn't change!

So instead of the gym, I'm doing this:

I forgot how much I love this electric blanket! Haven't used it this winter!

With big plans to read some more of this:

This book is SO funny! Tina Fey CRACKS ME UP!

Also started sorting through some fabric scraps for an upcoming little project (of course)....

It's been nice to have a couple hours of downtime. I was kinda cranky and feeling a teensy bit sorry for myself as I worked all weekend, but I am grateful for the work and the flexibility that comes with it. I'm feeling better now....just needed to relax for a few. I'm definitely not the best at unwinding. Gearing up though, as I'm looking forward to cheering on the Cats tonight against KU! Go State!!!!

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Prairie School Farms said...

Looks like you had a great snow day!