Sunday, February 12, 2012


In this week of love and Valentine's week, I wanted to share some things I'm loving lately. Lots it seems like making me happy.

Including, a trip with my friend Sarah to visit our friend Amanda in Denver. We thought we weren't gonna make it because of a blizzard there, but we did and we we had the best time! This is a picture of Sarah when we got back to KC and it made me laugh because somehow she ended up with 3 purses.....from here we went to Mi Ranchito- Sarah's first time there! Love it!

This is a really crummy picture but I couldn't get a good's of the bracelet Sarah gave me (she got a 3-pack from our friend at work, Jenny). You keep one in the pack and give two others's from and it says positivity on it. A reminder to be positive and have a good attitude! Sometimes I need it....I wear it to work a lot!

This is the new canvas art I got last week for my bathroom on my main floor. It makes me happy. The woman who makes them is a KU grad that works in Boston, but I bought it at a local store here. If you can't read it, in the lower left it says, "We must take every opportunity to make the most of this very remarkable life." Love it.

My mom tried a new recipe from Pinterest last night- a taco casserole bake. The picture doesn't do it justice but it was really good.

Peanut Butter Cheerios. I am LOVING them! I am pretty much told everyone I know. If you haven't already tried them and you're a peanut butter fan, do it!

Rearranging my furniture! Not sure why I love this so much, but here are a few new little spots in my house. :)

Thanks to Pinterest, I did quite a bit of Valentines crafting this is the wreath for my parents house.

This is the wreath on my front door....couldn't do red since the door is red!

Mini wreaths leaning up on my mantle....

And, tonight, we had family dinner with my parents, cousin and her boyfriend.....nothing fancy but tasty and entertaining.

How my dad arrived....he didn't know if the dress code was casual or dressy, so he did both....scarf and black sweats. Looks like he is carrying a purse. :)

The baked zuichinni chips and good!

Linds with the Trader Joe drink my cousin brought...

The heart shaped pizza (courtesy of Papa Murphy's)...

Linds trying to get in the trifle....

A really random game we invented after dinner.....see who can blow the candle out at the furthest distance. Things got pretty wild!

Happy Valentine's Week, friends! Hope you are having lots of things you're loving too. xo

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