Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crafternoon, Trader Joe's Pizza and Game Night

My aunt and uncle were in town this weekend visiting and we had a good time keeping busy. Yesterday, I had a crafternoon with my aunt and cousin. Jenn got inspired by Pinterest and made some cute stuff.

She painted the inside of these vases....turned out great!

She made these coasters out of tile from Home Depot, scrapbook paper and homemade modge podge (Elmer's glue and water).....

I made this fabric garland for a yet-to-happen party at my house....

Last night, Jenn and her boyfriend made us homemade pizzas with Trader Joe's crust. SO good! Seriously. There were three kinds; white, wheat and herb. I tasted a snip of each of them and they were all fantastic.

From there, we brought out the Blockus. A boardgame that NO ONE will play with me, except my uncle (thank you!) because he likes a challenge and is competitive like me AND because he actually won one of the two games last night. From there, he brought out a card game that is similar to Skipbo, but I didn't play so too tough to explain. Anyway, a lot of fun!

Mom and I looked at Pinterest on her phone while the card game was in full swing!

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