Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Diet Coke Update

Sooooo, 72 hours into 2012 and I'm Diet Coke free. It's been rough. Last night I had the WORST headache! Thank goodness for my friend Linds who is staying with me right now. She was super nice, even though my behavior didn't warrant it, and got me some Tylenol. So, I went to bed with a gnarly headache and woke up with a little one that has tried to stick around today, but I am finally starting to feel better!

Now, several friends have asked....what constitutes a "Diet Coke"? What size? What about refills? What about rum and Diets? All good questions....

I've decided to have 30 "Diet Coke Experiences".......so this means that if I order a Route 44 at Sonic, that counts as one. If I go to a restaurant and have 37 refills, that counts as one. I think I am counting rum and Diets in "the count", but I don't drink them but maybe a few times a year, so that's not really the main problem. Some of you might be saying, that's not so bad! She will have refills or big sodas at the Kwikshop and she'll be fine! But it is a big change for me, as I usually would do all of these things without much though.

The reason I've had to get strict with myself is because I've gotten in the habit of having one in the morning, as my morning caffeine, and that would potentially be an okay thing, but then later in the day I'll have something for lunch and/or dinner and think, "A Diet Coke would be perfect with this." So.....just really need to get away from the habitual drinking of it...some side benefits mean that I'll be drinking more water and also, some foods don't sound good to me without a pop, such as Mexican, pizza or cheeseburgers, so maybe I'll eat less of those sorts of foods. And if you glance at that list, none of those above listed really would be declared as health foods.

I would like to say I'll get to the point of not even liking it or wanting it, but I think any step toward a positive direction, is good! I'll keep you all posted on this riveting topic. :)


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