Monday, February 15, 2010

For the Love!

As I mentioned in my last post; I made dinner for two of my good friends here in Topeka. My friend Amanda actually lives in Lawrence but the weather was bad here so I invited her to stay in my guest bedroom Sunday night, especially since her husband is in Colorado for work (where she will be moving soon- sad face). My friend Sarah also came over for a nice evening of food and talk. They are two of the kindest and most genuine people I have met since moving here and I really enjoy spending time with them.

A few weeks ago, I saw a recipe for "Creamy Tomato Soup" in the newspaper. Crazy enough, I have never had any tomato soup (yes, even Campbell's) but I was inspired to try and make this. As a bonus, I got to blend everything with my hand mixer I got for Christmas and I have a mild obsession with....don't tell anyone. Anyway, they braved the snow and cold to come over for some soup and they brought some tasty rolls and wine. My mom had made some chocolate-covered strawberries for church and gave me some of the leftovers to share (yum!) and I used a heart-shaped pan to make some brownies to go with a scoop of ice cream. A great evening shared with friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day with some sweet people!
Some craft action to make the party more festive!

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Kylie said...

Lovin' the Valentine's art! Way to go, shell!