Monday, February 8, 2010


I have quite possibly found a new love for dinner....homemade pizzas. Mmm. There are several variations to keep it interesting. My mom LOVES the Flat Out tortillas which are really good and when you put them in the oven with whatever topping, you get a really thin crispy pizza. My baby sister enjoys the english muffin pizza. You toast your english muffin, top and then put in the oven. My friend Kylie told me that bagels are the way to go and I am planning on trying these soon....surely you can't go wrong with this. So, moral of the story....if I enter rehab in the near future, I think it might be for homemade pizzas. There is a bit of protein if you use low-fat beef or turkey pepperoni, some veggies and some carbs and cheese. All of this could be yours for only 250-300 calories (or 5-6 WW pts). What more could you want? Did I mention the cheese? :) Pictured is an english muffin pizza...

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