Monday, November 9, 2009

The Second Week....

Last week I embarked on a new season of's through Parks & Rec here in town. We had our first game last Wednesday and it did not go "well." We show up and our team just meeting for the first time that night....unlike the other team which was made up of mainly college players from Baker and Washburn and they looked like they might have played in recent months (my team is mostly co-workers from the hosptital). Eeeek!

So, we managed through the game and ended up losing by 50 (yes, 50), which didn't sit too well with me, but I think this week we will totally turn it around! Unfortunately one of the girls on our team torn her ACL last March, had surgery in May and it looks like she possibly re-injured it last week. :( On the ride home, one of my friends from work confesses she has never technically played before...which I did NOT remember! I recall her saying that she thought being on the team would be "fun"....what a trooper huh? We kept saying to play in a zone and she didn't know that term, or what a screen is. So, fingers crossed we are all on the same page this week and things go better. If nothing, a good workout huh?! :)

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Kylie said...

that sounds about like how it would go if we ever played together. Brady uses words like "screen" and "zone" and just nod and smile.