Monday, November 9, 2009

Meg's Place....

This weekend I went to Dallas and visited my baby sister. I took a few pics to share while I was there that showcases Meg's little piece of the world. First spotlight.....on her red accent wall in the apartment.

I hadn't visited since she painted and it makes the whole place look fantastic! For not much money or time, it really makes the apartment seem unique and less cookie-cutter, as so many apartments can be.

Second feature is the hotel-like balconys and grassy areas at her apartment. I always feel like I am at some resort in a sunny state. Very nice to enjoy.

Third is the newest addition to her place: her new 50 inch TV. Lucky lady! Meg toughed it out with a super small TV for a LONG time and she finally caved and got a big one. Makes watching TV and sports much more enjoyable....which we did with some of her friends as we watched K-State demolish (okay, beat) KU. :)

This last item of the tour of Meg is my favorite. Her "crisper" drawer in her fridge is where she keeps her beer. I don't know why I think it's so funny, but just very typical Meg....who needs veggies, right?!

Thanks for a good weekend was pretty low-key but I did get to see her cubicle ("cube") where she does her work as an accountant counting things.....very impressive!

We also went to my friend Lisa's wedding which was really nice. Glad I made the trip and got to spend some time at Meg's. :)

Congrats Lisa and Chad!!

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Kylie said...

LOL. we use our crisper drawer to store the baby foods :) My how times change...