Monday, November 2, 2009


This year turned out to be a great Halloween! Despite working, I had fun at a coworker's party and got to watch K-State give a good effort in their football game before eventually losing to OU. :( My favorite thing was that this was the first year I actually had some Trick-or-Treaters! I haven't lived anywhere since going to college where there were actually very many kiddos that came around for candy. I think we figured that I had about 50 or so and they were SO cute! This year I became the new owner of one of my favorite childhood figures from Halloween:

Mr. Pumpkin!

My mom won this in a contest through Hallmark when we were little and we always loved him! I set him on the front steps of my house and one little guy gave him a hug good-bye. Really sweet.
This year my thoughtful sis got me some Halloween cupcake liners and some fun toothpick decorations to put in them. Since I worked, I took them into work and everyone thought they were really cute!
Another big part of the holiday for me this year was helping with the Haunted House at the hospital. Apparently it's a tradition that's been going for 26 years. We decorate part of our rehab unit in a haunted house. This year's theme was "Haunted Jail"....pretty scary if you ask me! I worked it a couple hours Thursday night and a little during the day Friday. I was the creepy clown. :) I found myself struggling to not make faces at the people walking through the haunted house even though I had a mask on.....such a natural thing to do! I was really impressed with all of the decorating. My parents even came through it and I think I heard them scream a time or two...Here is a picture of me as the clown in my jail cell:

And here are a few pictures from the Halloween party I went to....I am a bee (hopefully you can tell). Pretty cheap costume since I just bought the wings and antennae and then put tape on a shirt I already had and made the stinger out of construction paper. Hope everyone had a great weekend too!
Me with Barbra, one of the other SLPs and her 6-week-old Henry, who was also a bumblebee. He was really cute. She went as a "new mom" and obviously wore sweats and put eyeshadow under her eyes to make her look like she has circles!
The Roller Derby Team....very intimidating! Costume complete with fake black eyes and tattoos!


Kylie said...

where was Mr. Pumpkin when we lived at 809?!? I bet we would have had more trick-or-treaters if you had brought him!

Megan said...

I love Mr. Pumpkin!!! So cute! I'm glad he has escaped the basement and is being put to good use now!