Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paula Dean and her cake

Sooooooooo, one of the other speech therapists at the hospital had a birthday Tuesday. I committed to making her and the 3rd SLP a bday cake. They just happen to fall two weeks apart so I recently made red velvelt cupcakes for Jason's birthday. Well, Barbra (birthday girl) had mentioned she liked strawberry cake. Not a personal fav, but not my I looked around and found a rich, rich cake on Paula Dean's website.

You could say that it turned out pretty well in the eyes of my coworkers. It was deemed "the best thing I have ever made" from one person; another therapist claimed it was "the best cake she has had in her whole life" and therapist said "if I would have had this cake before I got married, I would have asked you to make it for the reception". Whoa, serious cake love here people. Let me also say that I didn't loooooove the cake like these folks and probably won't make it again, but thought I would share in case any of you are strawberry cake lovers. Here is the recipe. Enjoy! :)

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