Saturday, August 1, 2009

Soundtrack of my Life.

Recently, the morning radio personalities on a local station were sharing some songs that they titled the "Soundtrack of my Life". The songs all had a meaning for them, maybe not significant, but a song that brought up a specific image/feeling/memory . Isn't that crazy how songs will make you recall a time in your life, a person, a feeling...etc.

It amazes me how this lasts throughout life....for example, many of my geriatric patients recall songs from long ago, no matter how long it's been since they have sang them. With stroke patients, when someone can't talk at all, it is often successful to have them sing a familiar tune that is deeply embedded in their brains, like "Happy Birthday" or the "ABCs". It is usually a touching moment for them to get some words out after not having any speech. In addition to my day job, I work some at a nursing home on the evenings/weekends. Last week they had a song time before dinner (served at the super early hour of 4:45), and a staff member led them in favorite hymns. Every time they do this the air is knocked out of me a little and I tear up a bit. I know pathetic, but it's so sweet to see people who don't usually talk much to join in the singing in these wobbly little voices. Ahh. Mainly because many of them don't know where they are, what year it is, or maybe even their own name....which brings me back to.....

The Soundtrack of my Life. After wasting a crazy amount of time on Itunes tonight, I thought I would share a few that brought specific images to mind. Feel free to share any of your own.
  • "It's My Party"....and I'll cry if I want to! My mom had an oldies tape (yes, tape) that she let us play on REPEAT in the car growing up. I specifically remember listening to this song on the way to church camp with my friend Annie and singing at the top of our lungs.
  • "Kokomo"....I spent one year going to Latchkey after school, maybe 1st or 2nd grade. I didn't really like it cause none of my friends were there and they had crummy snacks. :) It was usually at the church across from my grade school but one day we went to a synagogue (maybe my only trip to one to this day) and I remember this song playing in the background and one of the older kids teaching me the lyrics.
  • "I Will Always Love You"...Whitney Houston version. This was from my first CD "The Bodyguard" soundtrack...It actually started out as my mom's cd, but I think maybe I asked her for it, then went in my room and played this song on repeat on my super sweet stereo set-up, circa 1990.
  • "Waterfalls" of TLC's popular hits during my middle school years. I recall watching the music video (yes, we were that cool) with my friends Katie and Callie at Katie's house....sitting in her dining room as her mom served up some frozen pizza....and Katie and Callie explained the songs lyrics. Apparently, they were more worldly at the age of 12 and knew it wasn't really about water, but promiscuous sex.
  • "Strawberry Wine"....what girl didn't love this Deana Carter hit?! This song was featured in my life when I went through that phase where you went in your room, listened to music and my googly eyes at Johnathan Taylor Thomas (he is still dreamy). Inbetween takes of "Top 40 Hits" on Sunday nights, Strawberry Wine was a regular on my playlist.
  • "Goodbye Earl".....about two best friends that kill one of their husbands cause he was basically a dirt bag. My best friend in high school Lacey and I referred to ourselves as Mary Anne and Wanda....the two main characters (we never killed anyone, just to clarify), but we were super tight and had all sorts of fun together. Crazy enough, after 9 years apart, we are both back in our glorious hometown and get to see each other on a regular basis. I so LOVE the Dixie Chicks and one of my biggest regrets in life is not going to see them in concert when they came to KSU. Guess I will always have their tunes to sing to!
  • "Hanging by a Moment"....a song that was on repeat in my friend Amy's room in the dorms our freshman year of college. What carefree days! It reminds me of a very relaxed time that involved showering in sandals, shared spaces with a stranger, naps inbetween classes and a glorious thing called Christmas break.

Looking forward to continuing to add to my soundtrack.


Molly said...

I enjoyed this post! Might have to do one of my own...hmmm.... :)

Michelle said...

You absolutely should! :) Fun to think back on all the tunes I have ruined with my singing voice and hard to just pick a few!

Lacey said...

Oh Mary Ann! I told Chad about this song and he is none to excited that he fits into the story as Earl. :)
Great post, I too might have to give this one a shot.