Saturday, August 1, 2009

Per request...

For those of you that haven't seen my house and have asked for "after" pictures, I am running with a fleeting whim of motivation and thought I would get up some pics of post-paint rooms and with my furniture moved in. If I never see another paintbrush, that will be too soon! Keep in mind that it's not totally "finished" yet, but getting there!

The bottom of the staircase, complete with a buffet I pre-inherited from my parents.

My dining room in a calm shade of latte, much improved from the crazy dark burgandy, plus my new table for future dinner parties!

The butler's pantry, one of my favorite rooms in the house...didn't paint, but did get a table to go with my bar stools....

Speaking of favorite places in all the planet....I present, my breakfast nook. I spend a least a minute in this area everyday, if for no other reason that it is a great word and I FINALLY found this table for it. It's cast iron. Not something you would want to sit on for hours, but okay for the duration of breakfast.

My living room; painted with the help of friends a delicious shade called "silver sage"....pretty cozy.

My bedroom, we painted a fresh coat of what was already there....

The curtains in my room.....

My guest bedroom...painted latte, same as the dining room.
My office/craft it.

Little corner in my office, perfect spot for my plant that I have had through four moves. The most constant thing in my life, family/friends excluded. :)

My glorious craft table with my old school sewing machine. Much preferred than using my dining room table like I did at my apartment! :)

Thanks for touring!!

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robin said...

the house looks awesome!! can't wait to see it in person! where in the world have you been lately?! i guess you're waiting to load us w/ dysphagias when i get back into a flouro room!