Monday, August 10, 2009

Some things just make life better. whole carrots instead of baby ones, days that include chocolate and adding cream cheese to anything. Seriously anything. Having your favorite song come on the radio and reading a good book. And sisters make things better. See below:

This weekend I drove to Dallas (yes, 8 hours) where I encountered all the traffic from a 4-state radius, it's insane, totally worth it thought to spend some quality sister time. Now, I'm not saying brothers aren't fabulous, but I don't have any of those....all I can go with is that sisters are like the icing on the cake in life. Like, even if you have a really really great life....throw a sister in the mix and it just got 10 times better! Hope everyone that has a sis feels this way....especially mine. :) There is no one that I can be as honest or gruff with or that I laugh with more.

We had two days filled with shopping, pool time (yes, I used sunscreen), pedicures, good food and tasty drinks. Meg just moved into a new great apartment and I wanted to go check it out. Didn't capture any pics of it, but it's nice and in a super location of Dallas....near lots of shops and restaurants. Thanks for a fun weekend baby sister! Looking forward to our trip to Jamaica to visit friends in December that we booked together while I was there. :)


Kylie said...

From a girl with no sisters, I'm guessing that my relationship with my brothers is nothing like that :)

Makes me jealous. And makes me want to have another baby girl.

Sarah said...

Love this post Michelle! So true!