Thursday, August 13, 2009


When I moved into my house a month ago and I made the decision to wait on getting cable until new TV comes on this fall (can hardly wait). So, not that I would normally be trying to watch a lot of TV in the summer, but like many of us, I have the tendency to get sucked into shows or reruns that I don't really even care about. It's amazing how much more time I have....and how quiet it is! And if you have ever spent any amount of time with me, you probably know that quiet isn't really my thing. Kind of refreshing. Anyway, so with this new freedom of being TV-less, I have had more time for some activities that I have really enjoyed and some that I have needed to complete. Such as:
I have been able to really enjoy my hammock that I bought when I moved. Lots of summer reading here, including "Breaking Dawn" that I just started, which is the fourth book in the Twilight series.
Tonight I took the time to finally pull a BUNCH of weeds in some flowers/trees. This is actually my neighbor's property but it's on the outside of her fence and land that she can't see. The lady I bought my house from planted all of this stuff and she took care of I am trying to get it together and follow suit. Wish I had a before picture of how bad it looked! I got two HUGE bags of weeds out.
Last week my parents gave me this cookbook.....that is pretty fantastic. I have spent a fair amount of time drooling over the recipes and trying to figure out an occasion that will pass as a good excuse to use something from it. Stand-by for hopefully some shared recipes from here!
Hope everyone is enjoying their summers too! :)

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