Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That's not my Jon and Kate....

As many of you know (basically if you have ever had a conversation with me), I LOVE the show Jon and Kate Plus 8. It's about a couple that is married and have an 8-year-old set of twin girls and sextuplets that are five. What can I say? I'm a sucker for reality TV, the kids are cute and it's just a good little show!

Since I have spent a fair chunk of time watching the show, I feel like I know them pretty well so, I just wanted to clear up some horrible rumors going around saying that Jon has been cheating on Kate....and now there are rumors that Kate is cheating on Jon with her bodyguard. I refuse to believe it!!! Until Jon or Kate call me personally to confirm these vicious lies, I am going to continue to believe that it's the media just making stuff up! Let me know if anyone hears anything else!

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Sarah said...

You are too darn funny! I sure hope those rumors aren't true! Those poor children! They should probably quit filming the show b/c all of this is getting out of hand. i.e.-Kate has a bodyguard!?!