Monday, May 11, 2009

Not enough hours in the day....anyone else??

It has been SO nice outside tonight! My dad "fired up the grill" and cooked steaks....very tasty. :)After work, I went to the gym and then my mom and I planted the rest of the flowers we got for Mother's Day yesterday. After those activities, and then eating some of Bob's cooking....we are about out of evening; ugh! Where the the time go?

I have about 8 things I want to be doing at this very moment; and yet, I am blogging. I have about 10 pages of a book to read before it's finished, a couple quilts to work on, an Oprah paused on the DVR and laundry to put away. Anyone else seem to have this problem?? It seems like at work sometimes the day creeps by and the second you are home, the clock speeds up?! I guess I just need to do one thing at a time; but that is not always my strong suit. However, I am looking forward to some more products from my dad's grill this summer....keep the nice weather coming!!

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Kylie said...

Um, yes - I can relate. Add a couple hungry, poopy, whiney kids to that list of things to do and it's amazing anything ever gets done! Thank goodness the sun is staying up later now!! And God bless grilling season, keeps me out of the kitchen...