Sunday, May 10, 2009

I love my mama...

I am one of the lucky ones. My sister and I somehow got the good fortune of getting a really good mom.....and today, I got to spend some quality time with her. Even though I am living with my parents for the time being, I don't get to hang out with them a lot, due to differing schedules, work, etc. Megan (my sis) and I got her a giftcard to Lowe's to pick out some we spent the day looking there, as well as a couple other places. We found some great flowers that really make the house look nice. I will put some pictures below...

Things I have inherited from my mom:
-Crazy curly hair
-Fair skin
-Bird lips (well, my dad has those too....)
-Tallness (dad is too I guess)
-A love of cooking...and eating
-A passion for diet coke and chocolate!
-A shared love for Jergens hand lotion
-A SUPER loud sneeze
-Sentimental ways (we both cry at the drop of a hat)
-A love for greeting cards

Now, I'm not saying that we always get along (by any means) but, I can truthfully say that I am blessed to have a funny, caring, thoughtful and spirited woman to call Mom. We love you Lou!!!
Mom and me at the wedding reception last night...
The flowers Dad bought Mom for Mother's Day....K-State colors!!

Some of the flowers we bought today....

A sweet treat to the end of a sweet weekend....strawberry shortcake. :)

***To wrap it up, here is a great story that wouldn't be possible without my mom. This is a fine example of why I love her!!! Yesterday, my parents and I went to Kansas City for a wedding. We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart to browse, grabbed some lunch and then headed south to Olathe for the wedding. I was in the front seat as my mom needed to change her shirt before the wedding. We were driving along and all of the sudden there was a strong, but pleasant, floral aroma coming from the back seat. I commented that I really liked the smell of whatever lotion mom was putting on....she pulled the bottle back out to brag about how she was venturing out of her comfort zone and using something other than her usual Jergens. Just as she was telling us she got this great little sample size bottle that they were handing out at Sam's, she looked twice and realized it was HAIR CONDITIONER!! I don't think we have laughed that hard in a long time....the funny thing is that the bottle is nearly half gone and she thinks her hands have been feeling softer lately! Lesson learned kids...check the bottle twice before you start smearing it on your hands! Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

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