Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend in Wichita...

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day! I will be celebrating by working...can't complain too much; we'll get holiday pay. This weekend I made a quick trip to Wichita to see friends and go to a baby shower for Jenna, who I worked with when I first moved to Wichita. I drove back after the shower so I could work today, but it was a really good quick trip. The main theme of the weekend was BABIES!

Friday, we just hung out at my friends Kylie and Brady's house. I had my first "spaghetti pie" experience. Very tasty! I also had my first did I not know how tasty it is?!?! No calories....mmm....nice. It was good to see some friends and also get to see Kylie's cute kids! Lilah is spirited (which I love) and her new baby brother Graham is laid back and so sweet.
Kylie's cuties....
Had to capture Graham and Auntie Linds...both sporting white and green stripes. :)
Kylie and Mr. Graham hanging out...

Yesterday was a busy day (in a good way) and I got to see some more friends in Wichita. My friend Lindsay started a "Breakfast Club" since she likes breakfast and the movie "The Breakfast Club". I have yet to see the movie, but they let me eat with them anyway. We ate at "Egg Crate Cafe" for you local Wichitans....very tasty!
After breakfast....Lynnette, Molly with baby Elena at 8 months, Lindsay, me and Lyndsey.

I got my hair cut and then went to the baby shower for Jenna. The other speech therapist that works with Jenna is Libby. She had a little girl Madeline the end of April and I got to hold her during a lot of the shower. What a sweet baby! Jenna is due in July and they had a really nice shower for her.....I can't wait to meet baby Lily too! :)
Speech Therapist x 3....Me with Jenna and Libby. :)
The quilt I gave to Madeline...I don't think I took one of the one I gave to Jenna and Lily. I will have to get one. It's brown with dark pinks...
Madeline snoozing....Meeting Madeline for the first time...such a sweet baby. :)

Jenna getting to practice holding babies before she becomes a mama in July. :)

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Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! Baby Madeline is adorable! I love the quilt you made for her too! You are getting to be a PRO at quilting! Hopefully we can hang out next time you're visiting :)