Sunday, May 3, 2009

Adding to the bunch....

This weekend I went to Kansas City for a baby shower for one of my college roommates. I met Julie in the dorms our first weekend in college, the next day we bonded over a dinner at Wendy's and we went on to live together for 4 years after that first meeting. She and her husband Aaron are having their first little one soon! She is due with a little girl on June 1st....very exciting! With this little "pumpkin" as she called her, the count will be up to four (five in July with another roomie expecting) with kids my college roommates have had. I am excited for Julie and Aaron to start their family and to meet Pumpkin!

The parents-to-be opening a gift....
Katie (due in July with a little girl) and Julie hide Lindsay (my other offspring-less friend). Cute!

All the girls together again....doesn't happen nearly enough!
Good picture!

I made a little quilt for Julie's daughter and was finally able to give it to her at the shower! Hopefully it will be a soft spot for the little baby to rest.
It's not really's draped over a chair.

I also got a chance to work on my cake decorating skills for the shower. The hosts for the shower are from Dallas, so I offered to decorate some cupcakes for the day to bring over....I liked the little ones with chocolate frosting. :)
It's a little baby buggy with wheels and a baby inside, complete with a binkie. I wasn't too pleased with how the brown turned's really hard to get a dark brown or black. I will have to keep working on it! :)

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chrisandginny said...

One word for this blog is "Cute!". Cute preggo ladies, cute quilt, and cute cupcakes!! :) Good job, my friend, good job :)