Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pretty nice hotel....

I have now been staying at my parents' house for almost two weeks. Overall it has been pretty good. It kind of resembles a hotel. No, there isn't a mint on my pillow and the toilet paper isn't folded into a triangle with a clean bathroom when I get home from work, but it's not too bad. I am cooking most of the dinners, but that is something that most days I enjoy doing and my parents both have to work later than I do, so it seems to make sense.

My mom and I go to work at the same time and several times she has made me breakfast, which greatly helps out when you oversleep in the morning by 26 minutes, like I did one day this week. Fourteen minutes to go from the bed to the door with a shower included doesn't leave much time. Oops! Ever since that little slip up, the front desk lady here (mother) calls my cell phone if she can't hear me moving around in the morning.

As a current basement dweller however, I have mastered figuring out who is walking around in the dining room, which is above my bedroom. Depending on how fast and loud the footsteps are, I can peg which roommate is up there making all that racket. There is also a new rule that has been instated by me since I took over this ship- no one can get ice out of the ice drawer after I go to bed because it sounds like the whole house is under attack!

Since I do spend a lot of time in the living area downstairs, I have been guilty of calling upstairs with my cell phone or texting, such as, "Please let me know when my laundry is done." La-zi-ness on my part!! It brings back memories of freshman year of college in the dorms when I would be up in my top bunk and call friends rooms instead of getting down to go talk to them. ;)

My quality of life has greatly improved this week for sure. As it is winter in Kansas, it is pretty cold, especially at night. Since my parents new house is very well insulated, they don't need to run the heater very much to feel warm upstairs. HOWEVER, it has been freezing in the basement; which I made known to anyone here who would hear me complain. Apparently they don't care when you are living here for free. So, I wore hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants and socks to bed with three comforters- brr!!! Well, last weekend my mama was sick of hearing about it, so she got out a space heater that my sis used in college and also very generously bought me an electric blanket, which has been great! I can't sleep with the space heater on for fear that it will burn the place down, but the blanket is AWESOME!!! Hence, the oversleeping the other morning...The other day my mom said to me, "You seem to be in a better mood since you got that electric blanket." I thought to myself, "Well, you would too if you didn't have to worry about one of your limbs falling off from frostbite anymore!" Life is good!! :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are shaping up and you're feeling warm and toasty!! We missed you last Bunco!!
~Sarah K.~

Kylie said...

Space heaters also remind me of college! Don't get too used to the hotel living, otherwise you'll be disappointed when you visit the B&B! Miss ya!