Saturday, February 28, 2009

On the mend....

I am blogging from bed, that is in my parents' basement, and I should be napping. Or at least according to them! Little do they know....shh! They have left me here and are at the movies seeing "Slumdog Millionaire"....I have been sick since Monday and finally went to work Thursday. Boo- I hate being sick! Not a very nice patient; whiny, demanding, fussy; definitely not my proudest moments. It's just not a pretty picture. I definitely felt like I was four years old again....temperature being taken, people telling me to drink fluids, etc. I was supposed to be visiting friends in Wichita this weekend and am hoping to make the trip next weekend instead!

Last weekend I went to Dallas and visited my little sister Meg, where I apparently got some sort of bug. Nevertheless, we had a good time! Meg had to go to work for a few hours Saturday so I made some chicken enchiladas and lasagnas for her to put in her freezer to cook since she is so busy with work right now. She tried a lasagna this week and said it was good. We saw "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and "He's Just Not that Into You", both good girlie movies! We ate at good restaurants and even went downtown to celebrate Mardi Gras....a very good weekend.
Needs more cheese on top of both the lasagnas and enchiladas!!
Meg at a great pizza place we went to for lunch with our cheese bread..
Me and a margarita (very good!) at a mexican restaurant Meg took me to..

One of my favorite characters we saw in Downtown Dallas during the celebration....

Sisters in downtown Dallas....not sure why Meg looks so much taller!!

So, this weekend I am doing a lot of nothing and trying to get totally better before I have to go to work Monday. It snowed overnight, so I am definitely being an indoor girl! On Wednesday mom and I were supposed to go to a cooking class at the Hyvee here where there is a classroom upstairs and a lady that put on different classes. This week's class was about how to make homemade cinnamon rolls. Well, since I was on my death bed, I couldn't go, but my mom's friend went with her and today my mom baked them for breakfast. Pretty good!! I am hoping to go to future classes there!! Looks tasty, huh?

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