Monday, March 2, 2009

Dinner party...

For you other working moms out there, I wanted to share a recipe that I love that I made tonight for my "kids". Kids in my case, really are my parents.....otherwise known as my roommates. Now that I am cooking for other people I can better understand how moms feel when they have to think of for other people to eat. When I lived by myself, I basically ate whatever sounded good, even if it was just a lean cuisine. Not the case when you have other mouths to feed. Fortunately the kids liked what I made....and it's pretty easy.

I made a variation of Diet Coke Chicken, which is a Weight Watcher recipe that I first learned about in college. It's simple, but I add veggies that make it more like a stir-fry. All you have to do is have approximately 4 chicken breasts, or the equivalent to that in tenders, and you cut them up into 1.5" pieces. Put that in the skillet and then put a cup of ketchup and a can of Diet Coke over it....add whatever veggies you choose if you want; I put in onions, peppers, carrots, celery, water chesnuts and pinnapple chunks. Let it cook through and allow the sauce to thicken. I serve this over rice and it's a tasty item for dinner! If you follow WW points, it's 5 pts for about a cup serving, with just the chicken....add more for rice/veggies. Hope you all might try it sometime if you are looking for a tasty and healthy meal for your "kids", whoever they may be! :)

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chrisandginny said...

Yum! My kid is my husband, haha! Will definitely try this "easy" recipe! Thanks for sharing Michelle! Hope all is well up "North" :)