Saturday, February 7, 2009

Farewell Wichita!

As I am once again procrastinating finishing packing, thought I would share some pictures from my last week in Wichita. It has been really great, busy, but great. I got to see a lot of friends and am really going to miss everyone! As of tomorrow, I will go from Wichita resident to visitor...

Tuesday night my co-worker (former co-worker I guess) had all of the speech therapists and audiologists from the hospital over for dinner. It was really nice, very laid back and nice to see everyone outside of the hospital walls. They gave me a really nice cookbook from The Junior League of Wichita that I am looking forward to using. Here are a few pictures of my speech friends hard at work:

Wednesday night, the rehab department went to Old Chicago after work for a going away get together.....very fun! I have really enjoyed all the people I work with here...Here are a few pictures:

Thursday night I went to my friend Kara's house for one last cooking club in Wichita. We made hummus, curried chicken with rice and a chocolate truffle pie. So good! They got me a going away gift of kitchen towels, a Taste of Home Cookbook and a neat pan with a floral design on it. I have really enjoyed cooking with these girls and trying new recipes. Here are a couple pictures from that night:

Friday (last) night some friends threw a going away party for me at "Margarita's" which was really fun! It's a restaurant/bar that has a cover band every Friday/Saturday. About 25 friends came and we had dinner and some drinks. Here are some pics of all my buds I am really going to miss when I move:
In my spare time this week while I was trying to clear off my DVR watching old recorded shows before I returned it today, I made some sugar cookies for my co-workers and took them yesterday for my last day. I thought they turned out pretty well and I decorated them for Valentine's Day! Here are a couple pictures:

So, today I am finishing the packing process and going to be moving the stuff that I really need to Topeka tomorrow. My dad is coming to help! :) I start work Monday...ahh, I think I will need a vacation sometime soon! No, it will be good and I am excited to get started with this new job as it has been awhile in the making considering I first applied in November. I am also enjoying the GORGEOUS weather here while packing as much as I can....I have the windows open and with shorts and a t-shirt I am hot! Even though the gerbil or gopher or whatever saw his shadow, it sure seems like we are having a hiatus from winter for now! Hopefully it stays that way as we are moving stuff tomorrow....will keep you posted on my new (old) city and new job.

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Kylie said...

will miss you very much! and i'm thinking that some of those sugar cookies should have come my way!!! YUM!