Monday, February 9, 2009


So, I am officially living in Topeka. It is pretty weird. I am in a constant state of feeling like I am on vacation. For any of you that live in a different town than your parents, you might understand how I feel to be home and feel like I am on a break from the real world. However, since I am technically living at my parents' house for a few months, this is my reality. Actually, instead of saying that I am "living" here, I prefer to use the term "staying." It sounds less permanent and pathetic to me. Kind of like I am staying at an extended stay hotel....without the mint on my pillow. While I continue to adjust to a new job/city/roommates, here are a few pros/cons with my current living situation:

*The toilets and sinks are made for taller people, kinda nice.
*My dad always has stamps on hand so no more worries about being out.
*No more eating leftovers for 3-4 meals if I cook since I can have my "roommates" eat it too.
*There is always someone around.

*It is cold in the basement because how their house is heated (my bedroom is down there).
*I feel like I am on vacation and not too motivated to do daily activities that need to be done.
*My closet is pretty little compared to the walk-in one I am used to.
*There is always someone around.

But, all in all, no parents are very kind to let me crash here while I figure out where I want to live. I am going to make a concerted effort to not be bossy or difficult (I have a way of doing this with my family) and I am going to try to cook for them when I can. Will keep you posted on this adjustment! :)

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