Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Internet is finally working on my computer!

Here are some random pictures I wanted to post but since the internet on my computer wasn't working, I couldn't. Wait no more! Here are a few pictures from the last week....

This is the K-State quilt I made for my friends Kylie and Brady's baby is that arriving tomorrow when she is induced. I wanted to give it to them before I moved since I won't be there when the baby comes and I decided to do all purple since they don't know the gender yet.

This is an outfit that I gave to Lilah, who is becoming a big sister to the above baby this week. I actually bought the little skirt/tutu in DC and my former boss in Wichita does embroidery and she embroidered this little shirt for Lilah to match....she looks pretty cute in it; see pic below.

Enjoying a rice krispie treat in her new threads....

This is a blanket that my boss in Wichita gave me for a going away gift. She embroidered my initials on it. Very thoughtful and warm!!
Two of my favorite guys! My dad came down to Wichita to help me move, so we took my friend Dan to lunch. It was nice and I think they both enjoyed meeting each other.

These last two pictures might get me evicted, but here are my roommates for the time being. :)

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Kylie said...

Lilah still loves to put her outfit on! So cute!