Sunday, January 18, 2009

To Do.....Immediately!!!!

In three weeks I will again become the nomad that I am at heart and pack up my stuff for Topeka....before I hit the road, I have a list of things I would like to do!! Here are some things I have thought of and if anyone has suggestions for other "must do" Wichita items, let me know....the clock is ticking. Let me know if you want to join me as I attempt to complete the list! :)

1. Go to the Wichita Zoo if I can catch a nice's supposed to be great!
2. Eat at Cafe Moderne
3. Go to Botanica if all the flowers aren't dead (not sure about this one)...
4. Eat at Chelsea's.
5. Eat sushi at Hana Cafe.
6. Go on a walk at Sedgwick County Park; I have done this once and liked it so much, I want to do it again!
7. Go to Finn's bar (I have never been and not even actually sure I really want to, but am curious).
8. Eat the chicken salad sandwich at Watermark's Books (going to do this with friends for lunch tomorrow; pretty excited cause it's been on the list a long time!)
9. Check out "The Nifty Nut House" was closed when I tried to go this weekend.
10. Eat at "Jimmy's Diner"....have always been intrigued cause it is always super busy!!



Miss Merry said...

Definitely have to go the zoo. It is AWESOME. And Jimmy's has great shakes and sodas! I'm partial to Bella Luna Cafe, you should def go there. Go shop in Clifton Square and drive through College Hill and look at the adorable cottages. Go for a walk by the river in Riverside. Go to the museums on the water (Exploration Place, the Indian Center, the Art Museum, Cowtown) Have a burger at Spangles and visit the Keeper of the Plains. See a movie in the balcony at the Warren...

Just to name a few...

Michelle said...

Thanks for the tips! I have definitely loved Bella Luna....I have never been to riverside, I will have to add it to the list! :)

mack said...

Awe I love Watermark Books..and I have never been to Sedgwick County Park. I should check that out next time in Wichita. A high school friend of mine opened up a bakery called Sugar Sisters Bakery. It's pretty cool. I've only stopped by once, but it's at Central and Edgemoor (I think.. it's around there somewhere), so might be fun to check out. Well, goodluck with the move!