Monday, January 26, 2009

At a loss....

After a great trip to DC this weekend, I received some really sad news yesterday that one of my best friends passed away on Saturday. Katie and I have been friends since we were toddlers and I have so many great memories of her. I am of course really saddened and trying my best to remember all of the good times; it seems surreal. Her family is in my prayers at this tough time.

My friend Kylie showed me how to cover a book with fabric and I am going to give this to Katie's parents so they will have a place to put some cards that they receive this week. Hope they like it.

Things that I will always remember about Katie:
-her truly contagious laugh
-how good she was at Jeporady
-being in the fifth grade play together and that she knew my lines better than I did
-her love of Diet Dr. Pepper
-her pretty blonde hair
-walking home with her from school in second grade
-our club in fifth grade called "The Five Froggies"...pretty such it only lasted a few weeks and not sure the point but we enjoyed it. :) $1 dues every week!
-visiting her at KU and her trips to KSU
-how excited she was about becoming an aunt the last time we talked
-visiting her in Chicago
-doing handstands on the side of the school during recess in grade school
-when Kenny S. gave her a Valentine's gift in fourth grade and she was super embarrassed. ;)
-how she always said "I love you Mo!" at the end of a phone conversation
-popcorn with salsa
-the long-sleeved t-shirt she gave me from Old Navy
-the awesome posters she made for me when I ran for student council in high school
-decorating gingerbread houses in KC
-going to church togther growing up
-her creativity
-her bunny named "Bear"
-Girl Scouts in grade school
-Student Council in high school
-going to Sonic or Applebees in high school
-her pride for Scholars Bowl
-the jewelry box she made me covered in colorful paper
-spring break in KC senior year of high school
-that our phone number growing up was the same except the last two digits
-how we shared size 11 shoes
-listening to TLC's CD in middle school
-what a good friend she was.

Love ya' Kate!

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