Sunday, November 9, 2008

Girls Weekend 2008...

I wasn't going to put this up tonight, but it is going to be a busy week and I frankly didn't want to wait. This weekend I went to Kansas City to get together with my college roommates, who I am lucky to still be good friends with and see frequently as four of the five of us live in Wichita. We make an effort every year or so to dedicate a weekend with just us and get caught up and think of the memories without the hubbub of daily life and we had such a great time! On a sad note, the fifth component of our 5-some couldn't join us as she is currently in Texas interviewing for a job. :( Next time for sure Linds!

So, without Lindsay.....Kylie, Katie and I hit the road Saturday morning to see Julie who lives in KC. We met up at the Legends and did a bit of shopping and grabbed lunch before heading north to Atchison where we went to Nell Hill's which is a home decorating store. It was SO cold and absolute madness as we waited for probably 15-20 minutes to get inside. Once we got inside, it was PACKED!! It was the opening weekend for the holiday season so tons of people came from all around to check it out. The owner of the store, Mary Carol Garrity also opened up her house for tour and it was pretty cool to see how she has everything done up. Definitely put me in the Christmas spirit!! I was ready to come home and put my tree up but the girls talked me out of it. Maybe in a couple weeks. :)
I did get a jump start on my Christmas shopping and am getting so excited for the upcoming holiday season! My sis and parents are coming to Wichita for Thanksgiving because I have to work so the next couple weeks I will be trying to figure out how to host as it will be my first attempt for a holiday!

Enjoy the pics from a fun-filled weekend! Our "roommates" in life defintely know us better than most people, for the good or the bad and I will always consider all of them an extension of my family. It is always so great to see friends and I look forward to seeing how our lives develop and change before we all meet up again.

Kylie, Katie and Julie waitin outside in the freezing cold!

Mary Carol Garrity's house....130 years old and SO pretty. Definitely worth seeing...

"Howl at the Moon"- a piano bar in the Power and Light District; very fun!!

Today at my favorite mexican restaurant in all the world, "Mi Ranchito" good!

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