Sunday, November 16, 2008

To the quilters!!!

It's been a very productive week in my little sewing world. I got my grandma's machine back from the sewing machine store and it works perfectly! This weekend my mom showed me how to do several things with it that I hadn't really figured out on my own, so that was SUPER helpful! After some lessons I was able to complete my first quilt!! Well, at least the front of it and I'm going to have someone that knows how professional quilt that with the back and batting. It's not been as tough as I thought it might be, although it's probably not perfect.
In other news, I was home this weekend with plans of going to the K-State football game with my parents but we chickened out with the cold weather (I know, pathetic!). We watched our Cats lose (boo!) and watched the Jayhawks lose (hooray!). Last night, my mom and I went to see "The Secret Life of Bees" was so good! I practically cried throughout the entire movie....but I would highly recommend it!

And the grand finale of news- my parents sold their house!! They have to be out by Dec. 15th and their new one will be ready Dec. 15th; not exactly perfect timing, but pretty close. It's not definite yet but hopefully will be soon. Yea!!! :)

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CC said...

yay for the quilt, i'm so impressed!

and i LOVED that movie. i cried a ton too.