Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hays or a little cooking club....

I am VERY excited for tomorrow....since I worked last weekend, I am off Friday; so after work tomorrow I am headed to Hays, Kansas to visit friends Nichole (friend since KSU) and Lacey (friend from high school) and Lacey's hubby Chad. Also very exciting is that tomorrow is "The Office" and "Grey's Anatomy" premieres. Hip hip hooray!! I will be DVRing The Office, but am so pumped as they are two of my favorite shows! So after work today, in honor of seeing my friends that I haven't seen in too long, and due to the much anticipated "Grey's" premiere, I made my first apple pie to take on the road! It was my first attempt with making an apple pie, so we'll see how it is; it's Betty Crocker's recipe, so you would think she wouldn't lead you wrong!

My first apple pie; doesn't look too bad....I'll let you know how it turns out!

After the pie finished cooking, I rushed out the door to my friend Kara's for an evening of cooking with friends. Tonight's dinner was great! I had my first experience making/eating gnocchi; we made "Spinach and Potato Gnocchi", with bruschetta, spinach salad and a HEAVENLY molten chocolate cake!!! So good! Enjoy the pics below as I head to bed to get rested up for a busy weekend! Friday we are going to Oktoberfest (my first) in Hays and then I'm going to the KSU game Saturday....fingers crossed for a win! :)

Ginny and Becca rolling the gnocchi balls

The gnocchi balls cooking!

Our sauce to pour over the gnocchi...

My gnocchi and bruschetta...very tasty!

The molten chocolate lava cake with ice cream- the picture does NOT do this justice!!

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CC said...

super impressed by the pie! good work! and your cooking nights always look so fun!