Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How is she ALWAYS right?!?!

So, I went to the eye doctor Monday for an annual check-up (although, I guess I can't consider it annual since it had been about 1 1/2 years) and he told me that I have a viral infection in my cornea. This would explain the worsening vision and slight drooping in my left eye. I left there with instructions to not wear my contacts, use prescription eye drops 3 times a day, as well as lubricating eye drops every hour. I call my mom and fill her in on what the outcome of the appointment was and she immediately said that I need to go to an opthamologist for an eye infection.

I go to the opthamologist today and what do you know? She was right! He said that I don't have a viral infection, but some other issue (essentially super dry eyes from over wearing my contacts).....he gave me new eye drops, instructed me to not take the other ones and I am due back for a check-up next week. I am glad to know what the "true" problem is, but frustrated that my mom (who I love!) is somehow most always right...since the appointment earlier, I have been trying to remember a time when she was wrong....maybe someday I will have kiddos that I can be right with all the time! For now, guess I will settle for taking some advice, however unwanted at the time!!

Will keep you posted on my eye, but since I am forced to wear my glasses until it clears up...I remember why I dislike wearing them all the time:

1.) You can't wear sunglasses (unless you have prescription glasses) and I hate driving into the sun without them.
2.) I feel like I am going to fall down the stairs because it is so blurry when I glance down out of my glasses.
3.) Rainy days- they get all splotchy!!
4.) I don't like working out in glasses.
5.) I just feel frumpy!!!

That's all for now....hopefully my next post will be a bit more upbeat!! :)

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