Sunday, February 26, 2012

Babies and Wine.....not combined.

Quick Linds was reading my last post, she said, "I don't think I've had any water since it broke." Silly girl! :)

This weekend has been a good one.....minus the K-State loss. I have gotten to spend lots of time with some people I really enjoy, including lunch with one of my BFFs, Lacey, today.

There has been a little baby boom lately from my bunko group. Lisa had baby Liam on Thursday and I went to meet him Friday after work (she delivered in the hospital where I work). I didn't get to hold him cause he was having a little procedure, but saw him through a wind0w- super cute! Friday night Linds and I stopped by my friend Andrea's and met baby Harper. She is such a sweet baby....long and lanky and SO alert! We felt like she was really trying to talk to us! Harper's big brother was there and pretty excited to show his mom stuff from school.

After meeting Harper, we went to our friend Lindsey's apartment for a little wine tasting with Lindsey and Sarah. We each brought a bottle, she had some snacks put together and we just hung out and talked. Aren't those nights some of the best ones?! Hope your weekend has been a good one too. I'm looking forward to the Oscars tonight! Love all the fancy outfits and seeing who wins.

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