Monday, February 7, 2011

Resolution Check-In....

At the beginning of the calendar year, I wrote 10 resolutions to work on, in order to improve my overall Michelle-ness. I am going to give an update, mainly to keep myself accountable. So, here's where I'm at with things so far.....

1. Hmm, well, I have DEFINITELY increased my use of reusable bags from 0% of the time to approximately 50% of the time. It's not an automatic yet but better, and my GIGANTIC pile of plastic bags under the kitchen sink is starting to decrease. Yea!

2. I have been actively working on complaining less.....still room for improvement. Been thankful for lots lately and lots of praying going on.

3. I'm back on track with my checkbook balancing. Hopefully I can keep this up.

4. Doing better with my niceness towards the fam (at least maybe a smidge better??) but I guess I'd have to check with them to see what they think?!

5. I have only been to church ONCE since the start of the year out of SIX Sundays. Epic fail. Granted, I was out of town a couple of them and worked a couple, but still....not good. I went to a church yesterday that I have been to before and made the decision that it's just not for me. Moving on.

6. Not so Still fairly messy. I'm in a holding pattern of avoidance about it.

7. Regarding lessening my TV watching, I feel like I'm doing better and limiting how much I watch during the week. Thank goodness for my DVR! I have been making an effort to read more and read a few pages of a book each night before I go to sleep. Room for improvement here...

8. Um, need to continue working on less multi-tasking. I had several friends say "I think multi-tasking is a plus!".....well, in general, it's true....but I get to doing TOO many things at one time and get going in a frenzy! One instance of multi-tasking that didn't work out since I set this goal, was that I was shoveling my driveway and talking on my cell phone, put the phone in my pocket when I was fell out and I buried it in snow! No worries though, I found it! :)

9. My sis and I have made plans to run in Wichita's 5K during the River Festival the first week of June. My friend Linds is planning on running too! Hopefully more friends will join us. My sis and I have actually started a weight loss competition that goes until then and whoever loses the biggest percentage by the time of the race will be the Biggest Loser! Hopefully there will be confetti like there is on the finale for the show! :)

10. Haven't found my cause yet, but still excited about this!

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