Thursday, August 26, 2010

Road trip to Mmm....

This week some of my good friends at work (who all happen to root for the Jayhawks) and I took a little drive over to Manhattan for dinner at So Long Saloon. This bar/restaurant was a favorite when I went to K-State and judging by the crowds Wednesday night, it's still doing pretty well. My KU friends haven't been to Manhattan very much, except Leslie who lives between Topeka and Manhattan....and Jenny's daughter is a senior on the cross country team there. Anyway, I'm so glad we made the trip and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to stop in Aggieville for good food.

Leslie and Kristen
Jenny, Sarah, and me

We had to wait for about 10 minutes for a table so we decided to order a drink....I asked for Old Style and pinnapple, since that's what we drank there in college. My sister and I LOVED this combo! The bartender sadly informed me they don't carry Old Style anymore since it has went up in price, but now mix pinnapple juice with Old Milwaukie and they call it a Nancy. We all had one and loved it! Just as good as I remember.
A couple of reasons we went there are for their fried pickles and the black bean raspberry dip. Both are really good and super popular! We split some of each and enjoyed an evening out of Topeka. I look forward to going again sometime soon. Visiting Manhattan makes me really excited for the upcoming football season!! Go Cats!! :)

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Sarah said...

Aww!!! I'm super jealous! LOVE the black bean dip! Definitely gonna have to make some stops in Aggieville this Fall :-)