Friday, February 5, 2010

Recipe #1 from The Biggest Loser Cookbook

First of all, wanted to update that the egg casseroles turned out great (pretty sure they don't surpass Glory Days pizza though Kylie). I had a co-worker from Lawrence stay in my guest bedroom Tuesday night after bunko so she didn't have to drive home late and she had one and loved it. I also gave a couple to my parents and they too thought it was a keeper.

Anyway, Kylie and Lindsay gave me "The Biggest Loser Cookbook" for my birthday and I have spent the week looking at recipes to try. So many choices! I told them I would post they as I go...the first one up is a low-calorie ice cream sandwich. I would give this 2 1/2 Mmm's out of 5. All you do is put some (1/4 cup-ish) sugar-free Cool Whip between two graham cracker squares and put them in the freezer for at least 2 hours to freeze. I had one today when I got home from work to celebrate surviving the work week. It wasn't bad and hit the spot for something sweet but it wasn't my favorite thing ever. I LOVE the Skinny Cow and Weight Watcher ice cream sandwiches but they are like $5 a box. This is definitely a cheaper choice and easy to make. I think using chocolate Cool Whip would up it to 3 Mmm out of 5. Here is a picture.....anyone else have any good recipes they have tried lately?


Lindsey Philbrick said...

Hey Michelle, it's Lindsey Philbrick - Lindsay Cline's friend. I think the last time I saw you was at breakfast on my due date when I was a balloon! Anyways, I don't know how healthy the chocolate graham crackers are, but I've made these sandwiches with them and they are super yummy. Another pretty low fat recipe I use as a sweet is a tub of fat free cool whip and a box of chocolate teddy grahams. You just mix it together and let it sit in the fridge over night and then you get the yummiest treat. It's kind of like cake with hardly any fat or calories. Happy cooking!

Kylie said...

Those look pretty good....but with the chocolate whipped cream of course :)