Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

This weekend I celebrated my 28th birthday with some friends and also with my parents. It was fantastic! My friend Sarah had invited me to go have dinner at her house Saturday and it was going to be a low-key event. I suspected something was up and I was right that it was a surprise party with lots of my friends from work! It was great. We had fajitas and my friend Jenny made a low-calorie chocolate angel food cake for the occasion as many of us had just started the Biggest Loser competition at work (which is now up to an $80 pot). It was a lot of fun!

On my actual birthday (yesterday) I hung out with my parents, watched KU lose a basketball game (following KSU's lead) and went to dinner at Longhorns. I was really excited to receive a Garmin from my parents as I have wanted one for awhile!

Thanks for a great celebration and I'm looking forward to my 28th year!!

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