Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Born to Blog....

When my parents moved last year they still had quite a bit of stuff from my childhood and since I have moved into my house, I have moved it here. Well, we were sorting through some stuff and found some of my journals from when I was 8-9 years old. Pretty amusing. I don't know if I was exceptionally slow in the spelling arena or what, but there was some room for improvement! Hopefully my blog/journal now is more cohesive than some of the entries I have found. It seems I was a bit lenient on where I put punctuation and capital letters. Here is one entry to share, copied exactly from my jounral:

Oct. 31st, 1990-

Sat. my grandma came we had a fun time. I had a sccer game. No one won.

Sunday we went to the curics. It was a great show. I bet everyone toght that that went. People came from Itly and spain to do the show. The hanged by there hair and center ring was named Michelle.

Monday and Tusday we did a play. It was called The Little lost with. I was the witch.

Its Wensday I am about to lose my pants. I evee sit still I am so exiced. I get to visit my aunt after school. I am going Trick-or-Treating tonight.

Soccer game that no one won. Precisely why my children won't know what that sport is. Boring!

Then we went to the circus, not the curics. And if I recall correctly, I believe there was a girl in the center ring named Michelle....the actually ring wasn't named Michelle.

Tusday = Tuesday. Wensday = Wednesday.

And I was so excited that I couldn't even sit still and I think that was in reference to going trick-or-treating, not to visiting my great aunt in the nursing home, but that's just a hunch.

Funny the things an 8 year old find "journal worthy". Maybe 20 years from now I will look back at my blog and think, what was she thinking?! :)


Kylie said...

LOL. Favorite line: "I am about to lose my pants". Hahaha.

Christa said...

As a parent of an 8 year old, I'd say you did great.
Love the comment on the soccer game that "no one won." Ha!