Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last night my sister Megan and I went to an AWESOME concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. She flew in from Dallas and we went to see Sugarland, with Billy Currington and Matt Nathenson opening. It was a REALLY good concert! :) Here are some pictures:

After the concert, we went across the street to the Power & Light District and met up with some friends that had been to a Royals game before we went home. It was definitely the place to be in KC; seems like everyone in the city was there- very crowded; but fun!! Perfect to be able to be outside in the courtyard on a nice night.


Sylvia De Jong-Simpson said...

Sure looks like Meg has a great looking tan. Maybe you could use some of that spray on stuff. Only kidding. Just goes to show you how different your two colorings are.
We surely enjoy your blog = helps us keep up with the Molander family!
How's the preparation for becoming a home owner coming? Seem surreal? Keep us posted. Haven't seen much on your blog about becoming a new homeowner!
love you,
Aunt Sylvia

Kylie said...

ok, i should have gone...