Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Raining on Sunday....

.....is one of my favorite Keith Urban songs, but it is not one of my favorite themes when in a car driving back from Dallas on Easter Sunday. It rained for most of the way back to Kansas, however, it was worth the trip. My parents and I went to visit my sis in Dallas for the weekend and had a good time. Meg was an excellent host and our weekend was good, even if it was too short! I made some treats to take on the trip....pretty good!


When we got in town Friday night, we went to a great pizza place that Meg likes and then hung out at her place.

Saturday, we did some old-school Easter activities from our childhood: we decorated Easter eggs! I think they turned out pretty well....mine are the ones with glitter. :)
Saturday evening we had our "traditional" Easter dinner since we had to hit the road in the early afternoon Sunday. Meg did a good job and everything tasted great!! Here is the ham that came wrapped up like the shape of a pig's head....weird!

Sunday brought a COLD and rainy Easter morning! We went to church and then had a first for Easter morning.....a brunch at a mexican restaurant! That is my kind of Easter- chips and salsa at 10:30...I guess that's how they do it in Texas! :)
After that, we hit the road for the LONG journey home, but we made it and we will look forward to our next visit with our little Texan. Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter with your families as well!! :)

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Mandy said...

Sounds like you had a good trip. We missed you at BUNCO last night. Hope you are doing well... looks like you are!