Sunday, March 8, 2009

Springing Forward!!

This weekend I was in Wichita and was there to welcome springtime hours. Yea for more daylight in the evenings!! My parents. sis and I all met up there Friday night as Meg was in town for a college friend's shower and bachelorette party. Friday night we went to dinner at "Abeulo's" and caught up with our southern relative (Meg).
Saturday we went to Jimmie's Diner (so good) for breakfast and then did some packing up and sent home a few more items in my apartment before the movers come at the end of the month. Saturday afternoon I went to spend time with friends and had a good time seeing them, and their little ones, including my friend Kylie's newest addition Graham. It's really fun to see friends as they develop into "mommys"....quite the difference from the time we spent in college, more Mickey Mouse for sure! :) From what I can tell they both are doing well in their roles of mom and their kids are some of the cutest around...See for yourself; here are a few I am off to bed to try and catch up on sleep since I was shorted an hour last night!

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Kylie said...

Super-cute kids, if I do say so myself!