Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The holidays are officially here!!

Hello friends! I have not forgot about the blogging world but haven't had or made the time to blog lately. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Since I was on call on the holiday and for the weekend, my family came to me to celebrate! It was my first holiday that I have hosted and all in all it went pretty well (according to me). I slightly misread the brocccoli and rice casserole recipe and put a whole bag of rice in instead of the one cup that is recommended. Per my sister- "You ruined Thanksgiving." Mildly dramatic, hmm?? Besides that it was all really good and there was definitely plenty of food!

Our turkey....aka, my "baby sister" Meg

While I worked Friday, my mom and sis fought the crowds for some Black Friday deals (Bob sat that one out)....thankfully my shopping is basically done! Hopefully everyone likes their gifts; if not there will be gift receipts I'm sure...

The weekend was pretty relaxed...went out to dinner at a couple favorite restaurants and saw "Four Christmases" which was pretty cute. The highlight was that my sis and I both got new winter coats as early birthday gifts from our parents....same coat but mine is red and hers is black. Excited to get some use out of it...

This week I will be doing some holiday baking for a cookie exchange and will try to get some pics taken of all the fun that goes along.....for now I am going to go sit on the couch and recover from the lifting class I took at the gym tonight....sore already....not a good sign!

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