Monday, October 13, 2008

You can do whatever you Texas!

Oh, what a weekend!! I am recovering from being in a car 20 hours in the last 3 days....makes a girl kinda tired, but oh, did we have a good time....prepare yourself, cause this is kind lengthy!

My drive from Wichita to Dallas on Friday should have been about 5 1/2 hours; however, thanks to the billions of thousand of OU fans that were traveling to Dallas for the game there Saturday, it took me 7 hours. I have never seen or HATED more Sooners in one day. So many stupid flags, magnets, big trucks,s etc. Alas, finally got to Dallas and on the road to College Station... A word about the drive to College Station- we literally smelled like 5 or 6 skunks! What is that about? Texas smells!! Also, Amber....the driver for the weekend....taught us the rules (or lack-there-of) of the road in Texas. It's the craziest thing, but we actually witnessed it a couple times; if you are driving slowly and a car behind you wants to pass on a two-lane road, then the slow car in front pulls over to the right and DRIVES ON THE SHOULDER while you pass. How crazy is that?!?! Not how we do it in Kansas folks!

The lovely traffic that greeted me in!

Meg and me for my first Whataburger experience...

We went out Friday night to an area comparable to Aggieville in Manhattan. We had a good time and saw some friends from K-State. Our motel (it was definitely a MOTEL as opposed to a hotel) was slightly NASTY! For sure not complaining to Meg as my sis was the hotel finder and there was not much to choose from on a gameday...however, it was gross. Like, don't walk barefoot, don't touch ANYTHING in the shower and it was questionable using their towels. But it was a cool place to rest on heads at night (even if it was on paper-thin pillows)...I will never again forget to bring my own pillows! The irony is that the rooms had fridges and microwaves.....some of the nicest resorts we have stayed in could not make that claim! So, The Knights Inn was secretly fancy with those luxuries!

Amber and Meg out Friday night....

A shot of the back of Meg's reverse in the front, business in the back!!

Saturday was AWESOME! We went to a KSU Alumni event at The Fox and Hound before the game and that was pretty fun. The bar/restaurant area is across from campus and the stadium was on the other side of the campus, so we parked by the entertainment area and hoofed it to the campus (sadly for my feet, which now have a couple blisters!). The game was great; the seats not so much...not worth what we paid, but not much we could do about it! Everyone was very concerned about me getting burnt (cause that's what I do, but managed not to too badly)however a guy several rows in front of us had a glowing red neck! It looked SOOOO painful and I wanted to go get some wet papertowels to put on his was bad, like really bad! Hey, I've been there buddy!
Meg and me (sitting without her glasses on) at The Fox and Hound

Ricky and Lindsay getting ready to cheer on the Cats!

Possibly my favorite picture of all time....Meg snuck in next to Willie for a picture. He definitely wasn't stopping for pictures, but Meg wasn't taking no for an answer....she went ahead and posed!!! Our crappy seats that were technically in the stadium....

Turns out 12 men wasn't enough to stop the Wildcats!

After our victory we went to "The Dixey Chicken" and had hamburgers (ironically they don't have chicken on gamedays, just takes too long). Went out that night and the A&M fans were SO nice; like "Good game" and "Congratulations"...lots of fun!
Meg and me out celebrating the win!!

Yesterday consisted of a VERY long drive back to Wichita where between Dallas and OKC, we had some standstill traffic fun with some Loser Sooners! Not a good time....however, FYI....gas was only $2.49/gallon....practically free! On an upnote, Linds and I got to experience a favorite place of Meg's and her friend's called "The Czech Stop" and it's crazy!! It's a Czech bakery and there were SO many people there, including a bus of Texas's between Dallas and Waco, so lots of Longhorns returning back to Austin. We got some ham and cheese puff things...really poor description, but they are great! I forsee another trip there someday!!

Overall it was a great trip with friends and my sis (who apparently loves chocolate chip pumpkin bread)! It's a good week to be a Wildcat and at the hospital today I saw a lot more people wearing their purple (I would have too if I wouldn't have to wear the stupid green scrubs)!! It was so fun to see my sister and whenever I see her it's so good because good or bad, getting along or not, she's my people! Those of you who are blessed with sisters know the great relationship that it is. Have to thanks my parents for that gift. My coworker's sister has a brain tumor and has 6 months to live and it breaks my heart for her cause I don't know what I would do without my can you not love this face?!?!


CC said...

lol, classic megan pic you've got there at the end. and the one with willy, hilarious.

sounds like you guys had a good time! sorry texas was so hot, but welcome to our world! there's no fall to speak of. and the traffic. every freaking day of my life.

isn't the czech stop awesome?! i could go for some of those pastries things now!

mack said...

yay for the czech stop!! I made them all stop there last year when we went to Texas game! haha.. good stuff

Michelle said...

No kidding! It is definitely a popular place....lots of people!! You both are in on the secrets of the Czech stop!!